Monkey Kingdom {Giveaway Family 4 Pass}

monkeykingdom54877da023d63One of the first animal noises my daughter started imitating was that of a monkey, it was also the first animal she said by name. She loves these little creatures. When we have visit the zoo she will happily watch them go about for moments on end. This is why I am incredibly excited that Disneynature’s newest film is focused on monkeys.

Life is an adventure for Maya, the clever and resourceful blonde-bobbed monkey in “Monkey Kingdom,” Disneynature’s new feature film set among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Maya’s world is forever changed when she welcomes her son, Kip, into her complicated extended family. Like all families, Maya’s has more than its share of colourful personalities—and she’s determined to give her son a leg up in the world. When their longtime home at Castle Rock is taken over by powerful neighbouring monkeys, Maya’s whole family retreats, and she uses her street smarts and ingenuity to uncover untapped resources amidst strange new creatures and unsettling surroundings. Ultimately, they will all have to work together to reclaim Castle Rock, where Maya can hopefully realize her dreams for her son’s future.

Featuring a rich variety of characters, including a mischievous mongoose, simple-minded langur monkeys, predatory leopards and monitor lizards, “Monkey Kingdom” is narrated by Tina Fey (“30 Rock”), directed by Mark Linfield (“Chimpanzee,” “Earth”) and co-directed by Alastair Fothergill (“Chimpanzee,” “Bears”). With music from award-winning composer Harry Gregson-Williams (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” “Shrek” movies), Disneynature’s eighth True Life Adventure—the follow-up to 2014’s “Bears”—swings into theatres April 17, 2015.

Between 1948 and 1960 Walt Disney had a part in producing 13 True Life Adventure motion pictures that were connected to wildlife documentary filmmaking. I don’t know about you, but even though I am still in my twenties I can remember watching some of these in school, and I am so glad that Walt Disney Studios is continuing to make films that are focused on wildlife, and are a great way to share with people of all ages just what life in the wild is really like for different animals.

I am really looking forward to going and seeing this movie with my family, and I have been given the opportunity to give away a family 4 pass of tickets to go and see Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom. The Vancouver screening is on Saturday, April 11th, 2015 and the film begins at 10am at SilverCity Metropolis. Enter through the rafflecopter giveaway below.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for entering!

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If you do not win the passes to attend the screening please considering going and seeing this film during opening week (April 17-23, 2015) because for every ticket sold Disneynature will make a donation to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats.

Science and Netflix #streamteam


I am learning that I can find all sorts of hidden gems on Netflix. My most recent discovery... The Magic School Bus! I had major flashbacks to elementary school and getting to watch this show in class whenever the show covered a topic that we were learning about in school. I also remember enjoying watching the show at home with my sisters. Who didn't want to have an awesome teacher like Ms. Frizzle, and a duck phone? Netflix has all 4 seasons of The Magic School Bus. You and your kids can learn about everything from how animals stay warm in the cold arctic ocean waters to outer space. It is definitely worth checking out if your kiddo is suddenly asking about different topics, you just … Keep Reading!

FlyOver Canada {giveaway}

FlyOver Horizontal

Some families will be wrapping up Spring Break with their kids this weekend, others are looking for something to do. What about going and flying over Canada? Now, now, I'm not actually talking about really booking and paying for a flight across Canada and back all in one weekend. If you are in the Vancouver area, you can check out FlyOver Canada. They actually have a spring break special that has been extended to April 3rd. You can save 25% off children and youth tickets! I have never experienced anything like this, not even when we went to Disneyland and could have gone on Soarin' Over California. I have a bit of a fear of heights, but they just may have to be faced. I really like the … Keep Reading!

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast {Review}


Before we went to Disneyland my daughter was already a fan of Tinker Bell. She even picked out a Tinker Bell costume to wear for a party in October. Getting to meet Tinker Bell in person was just beyond wonderful. We have been sharing the different installments of Tinker Bell's adventures, and that of her friends with our daughter during family movie night. The one we watched most recently is called Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. Film Synopsis The new story explores an ancient myth of a fabled creature whose distant roar sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell’s good friend Fawn (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin), an animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an animal … Keep Reading!

Potty Training Day 3 and 4


Day three did not go very well. Every moment was a battle. Evie did not want to use the potty, we had many accidents. She would still sit on the potty but was not happy about it. We did have one success though and I guess I should actually count this as toddler 2. We were able to go out as a family to the Honeybee Centre. Evie happily taste tested several different honey flavours with us, she even picked which two we brought home. From there we went and picked up some lunch. She had a successful trip out of the house, without any accidents. That being said, we were prepared with a change of clothing and training pants. We also have a liner, called a dry seat, that we got for her car seat. We … Keep Reading!

Potty Training Day 2


I put out a cry for help on my Instagram I was looking for any tips that may help with this whole potty training thing. Many of you shared how potty training went for your kids and I cannot thank you enough. If things do not go well right now, we just might have to wait a month or two and try again later and that is totally ok. Day 2 did not start well, which is part of why I pleaded for help. Evie fought going on the potty in the morning, we figured she didn't have to go any ways because her pull up had been used, but we want her to get into a routine of going to the washroom when she wakes up. She had her breakfast, and we went about our morning. Reminding her to tell us if she needed … Keep Reading!

Potty Training Day 1


I mentioned yesterday that we were beginning potty training. We put away all of the cloth diapers, and any disposables from around the house and diaper bag. This helped Evie to understand that they were not available, and not an option. First thing in the morning she got to wear her "big girl panties" as she calls them, and she was very excited about it. We have about a dozen training pants that we bought from our cloth diaper supplier. I like them because they do have some absorbing power, but the child can also tell that they are wet if they have an accident. The best part about them though is that they have cute pictures on the bottom. With it being St Patrick's Day Evie got to enjoy a … Keep Reading!

Wish us luck…


What better day to start than St. Patrick's Day to begin potty training... and we are going to be in need of some serious good luck. We are attempting the three day method, but we know it will be an ongoing process. If things don't work out we may wait until summer to try again when Evie can run around naked. For now we remain positive and look forward to showering Evie with lots of praise. So please cross your fingers, say a prayer for us. It may be quiet around here for a bit, depending on if I can get some posts done in the evening. Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with all things green. Join Discovering Parenthood on Facebook, and Instagram to see what we are up to, and to … Keep Reading!

My hopes for my daughter…


We were at the park recently and there were a lot of children who were at least 3  years older than Evie, but she wanted to do everything they were doing. At one point Evie started to climb up this one item in the park. She's never tried this before. Usually she just wants to sit on the bottom and be spun around. This time though after she saw another child climb up a few of the ropes, she wanted to try. Jason and I have always let Evie attempt things. This is part of why she figured out how to go up and down the stairs so early. We don't want to be the ones holding her back. So up she went... one rope after the other she climbed up. Soon enough she was all the way to the top. A few of the … Keep Reading!

Disney’s Cinderella


Incredible gowns, glass slippers, mice that understand, a cruel step mother, two wicked step sisters, and of course Cinderella and her Prince. It is all there everything that is loved, and cherished in the original. You will find it all in this live-action re-telling of the classic fairy tale. I was invited to attend the advance screening of the movie last night. As soon as the trailers were released for Cinderella I knew it was one I wanted to see. I have adored this story since I first saw the original 1950's movie. I will always remember dreaming of having friends in little mice who understood me, and wearing the most gorgeous dress. Every little girl started dreaming of her Prince … Keep Reading!