Thankful Thursday


thankful thursday

A couple bloggers that I follow, Louise of Talk Nerdy to Me and Shannon of The Voice He Gave Me, both do posts each Thursday titled – Thankful Thursday. I always love reading their posts as it is such a good reminder that we have so much to be thankful for. We may be having a bad day, there is always something to be thankful for. With some encouragement from Shannon, I’ve decided to join them. I’m not sure just yet if I will be doing this every week or what. We shall wait and see.

1) A break from my laptop. As some have noticed it has been quiet around here for the past week. I took a needed break from my laptop, and blogging. I was feeling a bit grumpy and run down from a lot of things, add in pregnancy hormones and I knew I needed to focus on other things. I am considering trying to start posting on a more regular schedule.


2) A lift up. Without hesitation Jason will lift Evie up to get a different perspective to things in life. He is always so quick to help her out in any situation. This little girl is going to grow up knowing that her Daddy will always be there for her.


3) Little friendships. We were thrilled to get to attend a gender reveal party for my friend Andria of The Cheerio Diaries this past weekend, and Evie was excited to get to see one of her friends who she sadly hasn’t seen since her birthday party. Hopefully come my summer break during the school year, we’ll get a few more play dates set up for these kiddos. Soon enough Andria and I will both be on maternity leave so hopefully all our kiddos will get to hang out.


4) All things flamingo. My little girl is loving flamingos lately. She has two shirts, and now a bright pink toddler sized hooded towel that she adores. Ever since we went to the zoo, this has been her animal of choice. I’d say it’s the perfect summer animal.


5) Story time with Evie. Lately Evie is all about reading her books to us. If she does not want us reading to us, we get a very loud “No, I read!” and she will proceed to give us her rendition of what is happening. Some of the story books I’m pretty sure she has memorized from our reading them to her night after night.


6) Sidewalk chalk. I came home from a blogger event the other evening to sidewalk chalk art work all over the driveway. Aunty had been over to watch Evie. I love seeing this little bit of what they got up to. Bring on many more late afternoons of art work outside.


7) Marigolds. In honour of Florence Marigold: Project #FlorenceMarigoldinBloom To remember a sweet, precious girl who has impacted the lives, and hearts of so many through the writing of her mother. Through her incredible smile, and the twinkle in her eyes that will always be remembered.


8) Sunny weather and hats. We have been having some incredible weather, if its a sign of what is to come this summer we are in for a hot one. I am so thankful that Evie has two hats that she will willingly wear. One she picked out on her own, and this one with Minnie Mouse I got for her recently. The first one I got was too small, and with the help of my former manager, I was able to get her the size she needed. She loves it and it’s proven to make for no fights getting her to wear a hat in the sun.

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466345_10151654396211303_2015004530_o (1)

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