What’s in my hospital bag for baby.

hospital_bag_for_baby_DiscoveringParenthoodAlright little girl, while you may still be nameless as of right now, my hospital bag for you is all packed and ready to go. I wanted to make sure I did not forget anything, so I’ve been asking around to friends and fellow moms what their essentials were that they packed. Last time, I felt very unprepared, not this time. I am feeling much better about what I have packed for this little girl.

I was recently very blessed to have won a giveaway through Modern Mama’s 2015 Fan Celebration. I won a gorgeous Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender, similar ones can be found here. It was perfect timing because the diaper bag I used with Evie when she was born has bit the dust, and I know the one I have currently will not fit everything for a preschooler and a newborn. I am already amazed at how much room there is in the diaper bag. The only issue I can see there being is that it’s not “manly” enough for my dear husband. Fortunately it doesn’t really bother him, he is going to be greatly outnumbered by girls… I’m just waiting for the day our oldest asks to paint his nails, or style his hair. So lets get to it, what’s in my hospital bag for baby.

  1. Sleepers: I have a couple sleepers washed and packed. The floral one shown is from Carter’s, they have such a great selection of prints. Plus I love the quality from there. I have packed newborn, and 0-3 month sizes just in case. Last time the doctor predicted I would have a 10lb+ baby, and out came my tiny daughter and I had nothing that fit her. Thankfully my Mom saved the day and brought some newborn sleepers for her. My one suggestion is if you can, try to find sleepers with zippers, they make life so easy for diaper changes. The floral sleeper will likely be her going home outfit. 
  2. Swaddle: We did not own one of these until our firstborn was a couple weeks old, this time I am bringing one right away in hopes of helping with sleep. Our oldest was an escape artist so we appreciated that this style does not allow that. Some styles do have snaps where you can let their arms out as they get older and can roll. The one I have here, I actually bought used off the kids swap, but you can find similar styles here. I adore how girly the ruffles are.
  3. Muslin Swaddle Blanket: A muslin blanket was a must for me, and I have fallen in love with the prints available from Little Unicorn. Rumour has it more prints are coming soon, such as a blue wild flower print. Muslin is just so incredibly soft, and it just gets better every time you wash it. This I am bringing in case baby girl does like to have her arms free, but still needs to be warm. It is fall. These blankets are also handy to roll up and help prop babies head in the middle of the infant car seat. I also know many who use these types of blankets as nursing covers because the fabric is much more breathable. 
  4. Soothers: Pacifiers. Binkies. Whatever you want to call them. I have two different styles I’m bringing with me. Sanitized and ready to go. Our first born was an instant thumb sucker, but in the car there was the odd time she preferred to have a soother. While we may not use them all the time, I do like to have some available.
  5. Diapers: We had a really bad experience with the diapers available in the hospital, our first born ended up having a brutal diaper rash within 12 hours and we had to get a medicated prescription to help it heal. I felt like such a bad mommy. It turned out to be the disposable diapers causing the issue. We ended up splurging on Honest diapers as a final effort to see if a rash happened with those, thankfully nothing. They proved to be the best ones for our daughter’s sensitive skin. We do also cloth diaper, but those are waiting for the meconium poop to be done. Depending on what this little girl is like, if she takes after her sister and is a heavy wetter at night time, we’ll be needing disposables at night. We never found a combo for cloth that worked for over night. Maybe we will this time.

These are my key 5 things that I am packing, however I have a few more items packed too. A friend of mine kindly made me several burp cloths. I am so hopeful that this baby girl does not have reflux like her sister did, but I am so glad to have burp cloths ready to go just in case. Plus these ones are just so cute in prints I love. With my worry about potential reflux, and spit up I have also packed a couple milk feeding bibs. We found these to be the most absorbent last time, and they sure helped to protect our little ones outfits. Another item I have, because of my worry about dealing with reflux again, is a portable baby monitor. Our first night with Evie was not peaceful at all, we faced several moments of her dealing with terrible reflux right away which caused her to cough and choke. We ended up taking turns sleeping with her upright on us that first night wanting to make sure she wasn’t have breathing issues. For peace of mind, I am bringing this monitor. I’d rather deal with false alarms, or be woken to the alarm from the monitor going because my child needs help, than to have no monitor at all. This is just an item to really bring me peace of mind while in the hospital with baby girl. Next up, I will share what I have packed for myself, and my husband. 

What are your must have items for baby that you packed in your hospital bag?
Did I miss anything I should be packing?


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