Taves Family Farms: Celebrating 25 years! {Giveaway}

It feels like Fall already here, though I know warmer weather is coming back soon. We are enjoying the change while we can. One thing we love doing in the Fall is going to local farms, and one of our favourites is Taves Family Farms. This year they are celebrating their 25th season! If you are thinking of going out there, consider going on September 12th or 13th, it’s the official anniversary weekend and there will be discounted rates (25% off admission), fun food, music, and more! I may have even seen it mentioned that there will be free pumpkins (one per family). 



taves_applebarn03We went to Taves recently, after the wind storm that came through our area, and really enjoyed our time there. Thanks to the wind storm, part of the farm was closed due to downed power lines, but all should be well again soon. We still had lots to check out, and do while there. Our preschooler loved Bunny Town, and the Petting Barn. There is also a little playground there, and despite the rain our daughter was all over this. Don’t miss a great photo opportunity if you child loves Cars the movie, there is an old truck that looks just like Tow Mater.


taves_applebarn05What worked out great for us, was that our preschooler got to see where apples grow. She starts preschool officially in a week, and was given a bit of work to do… colouring an apple red, because they will be learning about just that. The colour red, and apples. 

She was so excited to get to go to a farm, and pick apples. As soon as we entered the orchards she proclaimed “Let’s get picking!”. Farms like Taves provide a wonderful opportunity to see exactly how apples, and pumpkins grow. They have a couple interactive boards that show the cycle of them growing, and it is explained in a very simple way. Now Daddy did do most of the hard work picking the apples to put in our bag to take home, but our daughter sure tried her hand at it. Figuring out how to twist the apple, and pull it off the branch. 

We headed home with a 5lb bag of honeycrisp apples that we were told would be perfect for apple pie, and apple crisp. Next up on our apple experience, is making just those with our daughter’s help. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out, and how it tastes. 



taves_applebarn10We are definitely planning on going back to get a pumpkin closer to October. There is a large selection of different sizes, for great prices. If apples are still in season we will fill up another u-pick apple bag. The prices for u-pick apples is really reasonable, it’s $5 for a 5lb pag and goes up from there depending on how much you are picking. I’m also wanting to pick up some things in their little market, it’s not fall without some apple cider to enjoy. 

Taves Family Farms has very kindly provided Discovering Parenthood readers with the opportunity to win a family pass to the farm. If you are local, or will be in the area this season be sure to enter. It’s a great place to go for a family day out. 

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